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    This course contains a computer CD containing the webinar recording and a manual.

    About The Seminar

    Mental health professionals practicing a cognitive-behavioral approach are limited by their ability to recognize irrational thoughts, just as a dermatologist's effectiveness is dependent on his / her ability to recognize skin diseases.  The effectiveness of "CBT" is a function of the therapist's ability to recognize irrational thoughts.

    Mental mistakes / cognitive distortions / thinking errors play a role in all learned emotional and behavioral problems.

    We want these mistakes to sound like noise to us so that we can easily identify them.

    This extremely important seminar will equip you to:

    -- recognize the 26 mental mistakes
    -- understand how and why they are mistakes
    -- help the mistakes sound like noise to the client
    -- convey to the client that they are mistakes
    -- help clients correct those mistakes

    When clinicians are equipped with those skills, their effectiveness increases dramatically.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Identify at least ten cognitive distortions
    2. Discuss the magical irrational should
    3. Practice recognizing fifteen cognitive distortions

    What You Also Will Learn

    This seminar will teach attendees:

    • All-or-None Thinking

    • Overgeneralization

    • Mental Filter

    • Discounting the Positive

    • Jumping to Conclusions

    • Irrational Labeling

    • Magical Worry

    • Confusion of Need and Want

    • Confusion of Inability and Unwillingness

    • Confusion of Choice and Force

    • Being Upset About the Idea of Something Rather Than the Consequences of It

    • Too Much / Too Little Mistake

    • Correlation vs. Causation Confusion

    • Irrational Shoulds

    • Confusion Possibility and Probability

    • Can't Stand-itis

    • Irrational Definitions

    • Ambivalent Beliefs

    • Nonsense Arguments

    • Personalization and Blame

    • Emotional Reasoning / Gut Thinking

    • Irrational Hopelessness

    • Catastrophizing

    • Magnification

    • Confusing Relying and Depending

    • Projection

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