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    The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.

    There is no doubt that cognitive-behavioral therapy trainings emphasize the important of helping people change the way they think.  However, what is not often taught during these trainings is how to help people change their most resistant, stubborn thinking.

    This excellent home study program will teach you how to help clients change / correct their most stubborn resistant thinking.  You will learn:

    -- How to Determine Your Clients' Actual Goals, Which is Essential to Persuasion
    -- Five Factors that Make a Thought "Grow"
    -- How to Dramatically Increase Desirability of Thinking
    -- Excellent Conversational Hypnosis Techniques
    -- How Creating Dissonance Encourages Change
    -- Presuppositional Questioning
    -- The Seven Steps to Persuasion
    -- The Five Keys to Belief Change
    -- Covert Persuasion Tactics
    -- A Host of Outstanding Techniques Used in Sales Every Day to Dramatically Increase 
          the Chances Clients will "Buy" the Thoughts You are "Selling" Them.

    This is all within the the context of focusing on the client's goals.  Therefore, we are not using these techniques to run people's lives for them.

    • How to Encourage Long-Term Results
    • How to Introduce Your Current Clients to CB