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    Help People Lose Weight and Keep it Off with the most comprehensive weight loss program.

    Certified Weight Loss Specialist
    Home Study Program

    Approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors for 12 Contact Hours!

    Start your own weight loss classes / groups / consultation service.

    Presenter:  Aldo R. Pucci, Psy.D.
                        President, National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

    Requirements:  Bachelors Degree in any field.

    10 Audio CD's and a Complete Manual are Included!

    Because Dr. Aldo Pucci is both a cognitive-behavioral therapist and a Certified Natural Health Professional, this is the only cognitive-behavioral weight loss program that emphasizes weight loss from a natural health perspective.

    What you will learn:

    • The philosophic differences between losing weight and keeping it off
    • Why the body fights us when we attempt to lose weight
    • How to establish priorities
    • How to establish weight loss goals
    • How to determine reasons not to lose weight (which often prevent weight loss)
    • How to determine weight loss doubts
    • Physical reasons for being overweight
    • All about digestion, and why knowing this is essential to losing weight and keeping it off
    • How to develop a healthy eating lifestyle
    • How and why cognitive-emotive dissonance can make weight loss efforts a waste of time
    • How to analyze eating behavior
    • How our emotions and behaviors work, and why knowing this is essential to losing weight
    • All about cravings and "triggers"
    • How to calculate your body's energy needs
    • An excellent diet plan based on your body's energy needs
    • Excellent Dieting Tips
    • How to develop behaviors to replace eating between meals
    • The benefits of exercise
    • How to get yourself to exercise when you do not want to
    • How to analyze the thoughts that stand in your way to lose weight and to keep it off
    • What willpower really is
    • How to calculate your willpower
    • All or none thinking and the abstinence violation effect
    • How low frustration tolerance can sabotage your efforts
    • Excellent stress reduction techniques
    • What food cravings mean and how to correct them
    • Medications that make losing weight difficult
    • All about cortisol
    • Mental mistakes that make losing weight difficult
    • Eliminating loneliness and boredom as a reason to eat
    • Eliminating doubts that you can lose weight and keep it off
    • How to eliminate motivation to keep the weight on
    • Excellent behavioral weight loss techniques
    • How to use powerful imagery techniques to lose weight
    • How to stay on track
    You may use the format of the course as a pattern for your own weight loss classes / groups.

    Become a Certified Weight Loss Specialist
    10 Audio CD's, and a  Complete Manual!

    © Copyright, 2012 by Aldo R. Pucci.  All Rights Reserved.

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