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Excellent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Products
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    This certification program is available to mental health professionals, lay counselors, and Christian pastors.

    Recorded at a live training. The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.

    What you will learn...

    -- A Brief Overview of the Background and Philosophy of CBT and the Biblical Basis For It
    -- The Differences between secular and Christian CBT and Special Considerations
    -- The Systematic Approach: How to Know Where You are In the Process at Any Give Point
    -- Goal Setting The Cognitive-Behavioral Way
    -- The ABCs of Emotions: How to Teach Folks What Causes Their Feelings and Behaviors (As a Man Thinketh)
    -- The Rational Questions: How to Help Clients Determine for Themselves Whether Their Thinking is Rational Based on God’s Principles
    -- An extensive compilation of Scripture to help combat problematic thoughts
    — How to Identify and Correct Underlying Assumptions
    — Helping People Develop and Practice New Rational Replacement Thoughts
    — How to End Counseling

    In addition to the systematic, step-by-step approach, this program provides the Biblical basis for each step.

    Our program also includes the following videos:

    You Can Know for Sure -- Video

    Putting Away, Divorce, and Remarriage -- Video

    Forgiveness -- Video

    Overcoming Worry and Anxiety - God’s Way -- Video

    From Sorrow to Hope -- Video

    Lest We Should Offend -- Video

    Who Do You Think You Are? -- Video

    Biblical Definition of a Hypocrite -- Video

    Trainees are expected to pass an online exam.

    The presenter, Dr. Aldo Pucci, is both president of the NACBT and the pastor of a Christian church in Weirton, WV.

    © Copyright, 2023 by Aldo R. Pucci. All Rights Reserved.

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