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    Learn how to lose weight and keep the weight off.... for a lifetime.... the rational way!  Think your way to a new body.                                                                                        

    Rational Eating Course

          Nine CD's Taped Live From a Six Week Course

         Aldo R. Pucci, President
          National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

    The Rational Eating Course will teach you:                                                                             

       -- How to set rational weight-related goals
       -- How to state your goals in a way that your brain can handle (and why most New Year's
                 Resolutions do not work)
       -- How to identify thoughts that interfere with achieving your goals.
       -- How to correct those thoughts
       -- How to replace old, irrational thoughts with new, rational thoughts
       -- How to stick to your diet plan
       -- How to develop confidence and willpower.

    Rational Eating Course Outline
     Class One
     + Introduction to Course and Overview
     + Books, Research and Popular Diets   
     Class Two
     + Weight Loss and Health
     + Genes and Free Will
     + Fat Personality Disorder?
     + How Thoughts Cause Our
            Feelings & Behaviors
    Class Three
     + Society’s View of Fat
     + What Weight is Beautiful and Best?
     + Origins of Appetite
     + The Five Rational Rules
     + Philosophical Changes for Weight Control
     Class Four
     + More Philosophical Changes
     + Emotions and Eating
     + Real Eating Disorders
     Class Five
     + Confidence and willpower - What Are They
              and How Do I Develop Them?
     + Behavioral Techniques and Setting Goals
     Class Six
     + Review of Goal Plans and Thoughts
           Related to Achieving Them
     + How Do I Stick to My Plan?
     + Review of Course Materials

    Sample Daily Agenda
    (Week One)

    1. Brief Introduction of Leader and Background

    2. Review of Course Content

    3. Diets We Have Tried   

    4. Most Frequently Asked Questions

    5. Introduction to Topics Discussed
        Throughout the Course
          a. Rational Eating Defined
          b. Some Research Findings
          c. Cognitive-Behavioral Philosophy and Eating
          d. Obesity or ‘Overweight” Defined
          e. Treatment

    6. Books, Research and Popular Diets
        a. Early Diets
        b. Recent Diets
        c. The Addictions Model



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