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Warning: This program is not to be used by pregnant women and those who are wear a pacemaker, or are have had or are prone to seizures, are photosensitive, epileptic, whether knowingly or not, should not use this program.

What is the Natural Sleep Solution?

The Natural Sleep Solution is a program to help people overcome sleep problems.  It consists of Four Audio Programs:
  • Audio CD One: Natural Sleep Solution Brain Entrainment Self-Hypnosis
  • Audio CD Two: Sleep Induction for People with Physical Pain Problems
  • Audio CD Three: Sleep Induction for People who Have Worries That Keep Them Up
  • Audio CD Four: General, Multipurpose Sleep Induction
You also receive a two-month's supply of our all-natural supplement, Sleep Support.  Sleep Support is not addictive and provides natural sleep assistance via melatonin, l-theanine, passion flower extract, and valerian root.

You simply listen to the Audio One everyday (during the day) for one week.  At night, take one Sleep Support capsule and listen to Audio Two, Three, or Four at night when you go to bed.  Continue using Audio Two, Three, or Four each night until your brain is trained to fall asleep on its own at that time.

What is Brain Entrainment?

Brain Entrainment is any practice that causes brainwave frequencies to match a periodic sound or beat having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain state.  For example, the Self-Hypnosis CD makes use of isochronic tones that encourage the brain go to into a hypnotic state (Theta or 5 Hertz).  The Sleep Induction CDs make use of isochronic tones that encourage the brain to go into a sleep state (Delta).

Take Advantage of Dr. Aldo Pucci's 25 Years of Hypnosis Experience

The Natural Sleep Solution Brain Entrainment Self-Hypnosis audio was developed by Dr. Aldo Pucci, who has trained hundreds of mental health professionals in Rational Hypnotherapy, and has helped hundreds of clients overcome sleep problems utilizing the same hypnotherapeutic technique.

If you want to take advantage of even more powerful help for sleep, check out our:

Natural Sleep Solution Best Version

Important Note: Given the easy at which audio files can be reproduced, the NACBT does not provide a refund for audio programs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Not intended to diagnose or treat illness.

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