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Excellent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Products
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    Help People Lose Weight and Keep it Off with the most comprehensive weight loss program.

    Certified Weight Loss Specialist
    Home Study Program

    Start your own weight loss classes / groups / consultation service.

    Presenter:  Aldo R. Pucci, Psy.D.
                President, National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

    Requirements:  Bachelors Degree in any field.

    The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.
    A Complete Manual are Included!

    Because Dr. Aldo Pucci is both a cognitive-behavioral therapist and a Certified Natural Health Professional, this is the only cognitive-behavioral weight loss program that emphasizes weight loss from a natural health perspective.

    What you will learn:

    • The philosophic differences between losing weight and keeping it off
    • Why the body fights us when we attempt to lose weight
    • How to establish priorities
    • How to establish weight loss goals
    • How to determine reasons not to lose weight (which often prevent weight loss)
    • How to determine weight loss doubts
    • Physical reasons for being overweight
    • All about digestion, and why knowing this is essential to losing weight and keeping it off
    • How to develop a healthy eating lifestyle
    • How and why cognitive-emotive dissonance can make weight loss efforts a waste of time
    • How to analyze eating behavior
    • How our emotions and behaviors work, and why knowing this is essential to losing weight
    • All about cravings and "triggers"
    • How to calculate your body's energy needs
    • An excellent diet plan based on your body's energy needs
    • Excellent Dieting Tips
    • How to develop behaviors to replace eating between meals
    • The benefits of exercise
    • How to get yourself to exercise when you do not want to
    • How to analyze the thoughts that stand in your way to lose weight and to keep it off
    • What willpower really is
    • How to calculate your willpower
    • All or none thinking and the abstinence violation effect
    • How low frustration tolerance can sabotage your efforts
    • Excellent stress reduction techniques
    • What food cravings mean and how to correct them
    • Medications that make losing weight difficult
    • All about cortisol
    • Mental mistakes that make losing weight difficult
    • Eliminating loneliness and boredom as a reason to eat
    • Eliminating doubts that you can lose weight and keep it off
    • How to eliminate motivation to keep the weight on
    • Excellent behavioral weight loss techniques
    • How to use powerful imagery techniques to lose weight
    • How to stay on track

    You may use the format of the course as a pattern for your own weight loss classes / groups.

    Become a Certified Weight Loss Specialist

    © Copyright, 2012 by Aldo R. Pucci.  All Rights Reserved.

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