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Excellent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Products
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Prerequisite: Masters degree in a mental health field or current graduate student in a mental health discipline

Certified Anxiety Specialist Certification Home Study Program

This Home Study Course Includes:
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: The Basics of Helping People to Get Better -- Home Study Program
“Treating Anxiety & Panic: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach -- Webinar recording on Computer
Overcome Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
(The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.)
Dr. Aldo Pucci's Book, "Feel the Way You Want to Feel ... No Matter What!"
Certification Examination

Anxiety and Panic are very common in our world today for a variety of reasons.  In addition to the obvious experience of anxious symptoms, a variety of problems arise from those anxious feelings, including physical problems (gastrointestinal, dermatological, hormonal) and problematic compulsive behaviors (drinking, drugging, gambling) which are attempts to avoid the anxious feelings.  Also, anxious avoidant behavior often has a social and occupational impact.

What You Will Learn

This seminar will teach attendees:

    -- how to distinguish between anxious symptoms and anxiety
    -- common hidden causes of "biological" anxiety
    -- about Symptoms Stress, and why it's essential to eliminate
    -- a cognitive model of anxiety
    -- how to share that cognitive model with you clients
    -- how to discover what a person actually is afraid of
    -- a cognitive explanation for panic and why panic seems to "just happen"
    -- how to share the cognitive explanation of panic with your clients
    -- how to help clients determine what they are panicking about
    -- how to dispute your clients' most resistant fears
    -- how to help clients develop new rational replacement thoughts
    -- how to help your clients take action on their fears to overcome them
    -- how to use excellent behavioral techniques to help eliminate fears and "from Missouri-itis"
    -- how to help clients overcome social phobia, panic, agoraphobia, specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive problems
    -- excellent natural approaches to treating anxiety symptoms and for relief of anxiety

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