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Excellent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Products
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Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coaching Certification
Home Study Program

Become a Certified Life Coach through our home study program!

Life coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy. It is an educational / encouraging process that helps people to focus on their goals and to achieve them. Our life coaching process is based on Rational Living Therapy principles and philosophy. Our program not only equips you to be a Life Coach, it helps you to establish your coaching business.

Pre-requisites: High School Diploma.

Our Life Coaching program will provide you with a systematic approach to helping people to fulfill their potential.

Our program includes three books:

1. John Maxwell's "Thinking for a Change"

2. Dr. Aldo Pucci's "Feel the Way You Want to Feel...No Matter What!"

3. Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People."

It also includes Dr. Aldo Pucci's "Overcoming Hopelessness" audio program and his "26 Mental Mistakes" video program.

The very detailed Life Coaching Certification Manual, which includes:

a. Ethics of Life Coaching

b. Difference between Counseling / Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

c. When to refer to a mental health professional

d. Discovering Goals

e. Assessing Goals

f. Satisfaction vs Contentment

g. Different Types of Thoughts (Positive, …)

h. Helping People Eliminate Thoughts that Interfere with Their Goals

Common Thoughts, such as:

  • It’s always someone else. Not me.
  • Other people have what they want because they are lucky.
  • I don’t deserve success

    Staying Focused on Your Goals.

i. Visualization

j. Acting As If

k. Risk Taking

l. Tolerating Failure

m. Being single-minded. Knowing what it takes to achieve your goals

n. Being willing to do what is necessary to achieve your goals

o. Coaching Agreements

p. Forms

q. On Being a Motivator

Our program has all the information you will need to begin providing your Life Coaching service, including:

The Life Coaching Process

Life Coaching Forms
Establishing Your Business

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