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Learn this very straightforward, cognitive-behavioral approach to hypnotherapy.  Discover how integrating Rational Hypnotherapy can increase your effectiveness with your clients.

Rational Hypnotherapy Intensive Certification
Home Study Program

by Aldo R. Pucci, MA, LPC, Ch.T.
Certified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist

The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.

Question.  Why do some Rational Living Therapists utilize Rational Hypnotherapy?

Answer. Some Rational Living Therapists utilize an optional component called Rational Hypnotherapy because:

-- with hypnotherapy, the client does not need to believe the therapist's suggestions, such as,
    "Seeing people causes you to relax" for the client to integrate those suggestions into
        his/her manner of thinking;

-- some thoughts / reactions are acquired through hypnosis (especially in those cases of
        "PTSD").  When thoughts / reactions are acquired through hypnosis we have  found that the
        client is relieved of those thoughts / reactions much more quickly through hypnotherapy than
        conventional "conscious" CBT;

     --  hypnotherapy is just another technique to help a person change the way he / she thinks.
     --  the deeper the state of hypnosis, the fewer repetitions of the message are needed for the
         client to integrate it into his / her manner of thinking and to act on it.

Become a Certified Rational Hypnotherapist!

Dramatically Enhance Your Therapy Skills! Earn 18 NACBT Contact Hours!

What You Will Learn

What Hypnosis Really Is

Why Rational Progressive Relaxation is Better than Pills

How to Induce a Hypnotic State

How to Deepen Hypnotic States

How to Test for Depth of Hypnosis

How to Regress Someone Back to An Event

How to Help Someone Remember Important Information

How to Help People Suffering From:
 Depression, Anxiety,
Panic Attacks, Phobias, Eating Disorders,
Substance Use Disorders, Sexual Problems,
Adjustment Disorders, Anger, Guilt,
Self-Image Problems, Personality Disorders,
Conduct Problems.

Basics of Immune System and Medical Hypnotherapy

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

How to Test for Suggestibility

Hypnosis Myths and How to Dispel Them

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation Techniques

How to Teach Someone Self-Hypnosis

Rational Hypnotherapy
Home Study Certification Course

Course Agenda

Part One

What is Hypnosis?  Learn what hypnosis is and why common definitions are problematic and misleading.

A Hypnosis Session.  Your instructor will demonstrate inductions, deepening techniques, and hypnotherapeutic techniques with a live demonstration. Each step will be demonstrated and explained.

Why and How Hypnosis Works. Learn what happens during hypnosis that encourages change in cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Suggestibility Testing.  Learn how to test client's for suggestibility so that you will know how much work it will take to get the client to the desired depth of hypnosis.

Inductions & Deepening Techniques. Learn how to start the hypnosis session properly to encourage results. Learn techniques for instant induction.

Part Two

Progressive Relaxation. There is no better way to relax and encourage induction. Patients on XANAX® for years say there is no comparison between the two.

Testing for Depth. How do you know if the patient is ready for the therapeutic suggestions? This seminar will show you how to test for depth of hypnosis.

Age Regression. Learn how to take a person back to any point in their life, whether yesterday, last year, or early childhood and have total recall of any event. Learn why you need not, and will not, need to uncover traumatic events! Remove the causes of problems without the patient experiencing trauma!

Therapy. Learn how to apply hypnotherapy to a wide variety of problems, including obesity and smoking. Case examples are presented to demonstrate how to apply hypnotherapy for problem resolution.  Learn the "Law of Reverse Effect" to produce the client's desired changes.

Part Three

Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Learn how to apply hypnotherapy to help a person rid themselves of addiction. You will learn how to provide suggestions of relaxation and well-being to replace the discomfort of withdrawal.

Conversational Hypnosis and NLP. Learn how to provide indirect suggestions that will set the stage for success. This is especially helpful for resistant clients.

The Use of Metphors  for Indirect Suggestions

The Rational Hypnotherapy Home Study Certification Course includes the audio recording,  a DVD Demonstration Video, and a step-by-step manual.

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