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Excellent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Products
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    The most well-known and highly respected psychotherapist of our time responds to reader questions submitted to the "Ask Dr. Ellis" website. The answers present the most concise, "reader-friendly" description yet of the author's Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy method -- REBT -- used by thousands of therapists around the world, to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of grateful clients. Ellis distills fifty years of psychotherapy experience and wisdom in this practical guide for the rest of us. Healthy thinking, healthy emotions, and healthy behavior are explained, with examples and procedures for building lasting emotional well-being.

    ASK ALBERT ELLIS is a book for anyone who wants help in dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, psychotherapy clients who want to enhance the effectiveness of therapy, and individuals who want to understand more about REBT. This is also an important resource for the professional (and lending) libraries of psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and clinics.

    Sample questions from the text: What is REBT, and how does it differ from other therapies? Is it really possible to change a long-standing emotional disturbance? Is forgiveness necessary for effective recovery from betrayal? How can we make ourselves happy? How can I help my partner to achieve sexual fulfillment? Are we completely governed by our heredity and environment, or do we have any control? Is it possible to recover from bad therapy? My nine-year-old daughter is suffering from depression; how can I help her? How can I overcome the pain of my lover's unfaithfulness? What are the major irrational beliefs people hold? How does REBT help one overcome guilty feelings? What is "unconditional self acceptance"? Is REBT compatible with religious beliefs?

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